Workouts & classes

Private instructor for Pilates

Our Pilates sessions are tailored to each student and technique-driven. Our classes are either private (individual) or group (other people who are interested in participating).

To ensure a deeper comprehension of the Pilates technique and to enhance strength, control, coordination, and flexibility, we are committed to providing high-quality instruction.

For all skill levels, our personalized courses are fantastic. For beginners, we concentrate on Pilates concepts like “what are the muscles of the Powerhouse” and how to engage them, as well as methods like proper breathing.

For Pilates practitioners with experience, emphasis may also be placed on progressions, strength training, and a more cardio-focused workout.


Rehabilitation Exercises

Rehab Pilates strives to create a pleasant movement environment where the patient can find support on their journey. On a reformer or a mat, Pilates movements are commonly performed. The sliding seat of a reformer is attached to it by ropes, pulleys, and springs.

The core of your body is strengthened by the Pilates workout program. Your core is made up of your back muscles, abdominals, and muscles that are located near to your spine. By strengthening your core, you may avoid muscular imbalances and lessen the strain on your spine and pelvis.

Your body is stabilized as a result, allowing you to move as it was designed. A great degree of flexibility and balanced muscle tone are additional benefits of rehabilitation Pilates. To lessen strain on the joint and supporting muscles and for any form of injury, every activity in the Pilates programme is adapted.